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A Cottage on the Bay
When you travel you want a clean, warm and comfortable place to stay in.  
ResRes.Net takes the time to visit our neighbors and rate their locations

  • Some are pretty fancy and some are more ordinary                                         
  • Some are on the water or near the water while some are nestled in the woods
  • Some feature handmade furniture or homemade quilts.
  • Some are basic accommodation for the budget traveler and some are more that $300 per night!
  • All have to be clean, warm and well maintained. However, since we abut the "wilderness" it is not
    uncommon for a porcupine or weasel to stop by to say hello. Perhaps they just have the same good
    taste that you do.
If I wouldn't stay there then I wouldn't expect my clients to stay there either, but I sometimes think that a
hotel without room service might be "roughing it" ;-)  I'll let you decide as to where you want to stay! Be
advised that Alaska is still a very young state and we are at the end of the supply chain. Often times
property owners need to "make do" with what they have because building materials can be in short supply
and very costly. This can ultimately add to the ambiance of a property but first impressions can be
Here are a few questions for you to ponder as you look for your best location.

  • Do you want a cottage, a cabin or just a room?
  • How many are in your party?
  • Would you prefer a lodge or a Bed & Breakfast?
  • What's your budget? Conventional lodging, with a full bath, starts at about $95.00 per night double-
    occupancy plus sales tax.
  • You can rent a "camping-style" cabin for as little as $35.00 a night if you choose to "rough it" ;-)
  • Sales tax ranges from 2% outside the Seward City Limits to 10% within the Seward City Limits. Sales
    taxes are not universal in Alaska  taxing is up to each governmental unit so it varies from 0% to 12%
    or more.
The earlier in the year that you book the better the chances of securing your preferred location. For 2014,
we are noticing a sharp increase in reservations before January 1. Some locations are already booked 30% -
are filling fast for the Silver Salmon Derby in August. In many instances the Independence Day holiday is
already sold out.
Lodging at Lowell Point, Alaska     
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